Family Prayer during the time of ADVENT (incl. postage)

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The time of Advent is given to us to prepare our souls to receive an increase of the beautiful and precious gift that is the life of God Himself in our soul. This book is designed to serve as a guide and a help in the preparation of Christmas. It is inspired from the traditional liturgy of Advent and the beautiful images from the Renaissance Catholic Artist, Fra Angelico. This book provides a daily meditation which can be used as a basis for family prayer, as well as a practical resolution that can serve as an effort for both children and adults. Our highly commercialized world has lost the real meaning of Christmas. This book, using the traditional practices of the Faith, is a means of reminding the whole family of what Christmas really is: a call to give glory to God by living truly as His children.
Pages : 33 Pages 
Size : 15w x 23h (cm)

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