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Stations of the Cross for children.

Stations of the Cross for children. - JMJ Catholic Products

******LEVEL 3****

This Level is an expansion of what has been taught in Levels 1 and 2, introducing new themes. At the completion of level 3, the child will have an understanding of Catholic devotions such as the ‘Stations of the cross’ and the ‘Spiritual works of Mercy’. This level is ideal for Lent as it meditates on the stations of the cross. It also introduces Catechism questions on Redemption, the gifts of the Holy Ghost and The Marks of the Church. Many new prayers are introduced and more bible stories are explained. The Catholic Faith Teaching Manual Level 3 is a perfect continuation of Level 2, taking the student into a deeper explanation of Catholic Theology while using beautiful Catholic art to help children conceptualize the Glory of God.