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Day 11 -The Passion

Day 11 -The Passion - JMJ Catholic Products


But, what can it be that would ever have prevailed a God to undergo sentence of death on a gibbet, between two criminals, and with such shame and dishonour to His divine Majesty? "Who has done this?" St Bernard asks. And he gives the answer: "Love has done it - love that is forgetful of dignity." When love desires to make its presence known, it goes forth seeking out - not those things which most  enhance the dignity of the lover - but those which most surely reveal it to the loved one. How right then was St Francis de Paul when he exclaimed, as he gazed on the image of the Crucified : "O Love! O boundless and unfathomable Love!" In like manner, as we gaze at Jesus on the cross, with hearts aflame, we too should cry: O boundless and unfathomable love of Jesus crucified!