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Day 10 -The Passion

Day 10 -The Passion - JMJ Catholic Products


The passion

So great was the love that Jesus Christ had for men, that it caused him to long for the hour of His death; for by it He could give them proof of the deep affection that dwelt in His heart for them. Therefore, during His life, He would say: " I have to be baptised with a baptism and how I am under constraint until it is fulfilled ."(Luke, 12, 50). I have to be baptised in my own blood, and I feel myself under constraint from the intense longing that the hour of my Passion will soon come; so that it will not be long before men will know of the love that I have for them! It was for this reason that St. John wrote, when he was speaking of that night on which Jesus began His Passion: "Jesus knowing that his hour had come, when he would pass from this world to the Father he loved his own, he loved them unto the end." (John, 13, 1). Our Redeemer called that the hour : His own hour - hora eius - because the time of His death was the time that was so longed for by Him: it was the hour chosen by Him to give to men the last proof of His love, when He was brought to His end in pain and sorrow.