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Day 8 -

Day 8 - - JMJ Catholic Products

 But here is something that astonishes us still more: it would have been easy for Him to save us without dying, and without suffering: but no - He chose a life in which afflictions ; and His death would be one that was bitter and steeped in shame: for He would die on a cross, a gibbet of infamy destined for criminals: "He humbled himself, becoming obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. (Phil,.2 ,8). But if He was able to redeem us without suffering, why did He choose to die, and to die the death of the cross? He did it to show us the love He had for us. "He loved us and He surrounded himself for us."(Eph, 5,2). He loved us and because He loved us, He surrendered Himself to sorrow, to shame, and to the most painful death that was ever suffered by any man on earth.