A3 Modern Slimline Gold Frame (300mm x 400mm)

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Catholic art in a lightweight A4 Frame making it easy to hang.

Virgin Mary and Child : Powerful, Passionate and beautiful is the work of Bouguereau, his ability to paint flesh realistically evokes the human emotion. The love and gentlenPictureess between mother and child is expressed so lovingly in this painting. 

Song of Angels : Transform your children's room into a serene environment with this artwork, where every night they can be comforted by the Divine. 

Crucifixion: The Christian faith is expressed in its truest form in this depiction of Christ crucified, drawing upon the sacrificial nature of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Crown of Thorns : This close up of Our Lords passion helps us to contemplate on his human suffering. 

Cherubs : The gaze of the cherubs are innocent and playful.

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